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FCi series


bullet1/1 million internal resolution for FC-i models
bulletStandard RS-232C (2nd & 3rd optional)
bullet500 sets memory with alphanumeric product names/codes
bullet4-line display for easy operator viewing
bulletRechargeable battery option
bulletRemote Scale Option
bullet2 Year Warranty

The FC-i Series scales have a user-friendly function to set and recall the unit weight using the Navigation System in the LED. Simply use the “SAMPLE,” “KEY-BOARD,” and “ID” keys to use the counting scales with ease, and without error.

The VFD display for piece counting allows easy viewing thanks to its large numbers and subdisplay showing Weight, Comparator Result, Unit Weight, ID Number, and Item Code. For the Item Code, you can use numeric or alphanumeric letters.

For more accurate counting results, the ACAI (Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement) is very useful for taking the unit weight by averaging bigger sample numbers for the sample weight to be weighed.

The standard RS-232C interface and newly developed UFC function (Universal Flex Coms) together expand the recording application. For increased user flexibility, you can connect to and print the counting result from any FC-i Series scale to an external dumb printer.

The Optional Remote Scale function is for heavy capacity weighing and counting applications. With an Optional Connection Board (OP-05i), the Relay Output function can signal “HI,” “GO,” and “LO” for the Lamp Indicator, Buzzer Sound System, and/or the Automatic Feeding System (OP-04i).

For use in remote locations without power, an optional Rechargeable Battery Unit (OP-02i) is available for FC-i Series scales.

Model Platform size Part # Price
FC-500Si 1lb x 0.00005lb 5" x 5" 16219 $1,255
FC-5000Si 10lb x 0.0005lb 6.5" x 6.5" 16130 $1,255
FC-5000i 10lb x 0.001lb 11" x 11.8" 16131 $985
FC-2000i 5lb x 0.0005lb 11" x 11.8" 16525 $985
FC-10K 20lb x 0.002lb 11" x 11.8" 16132 $985
FC-20K 50lb x 0.005lb 11" x 11.8" 16133 $985
FC-50K 100lb x 0.01lb 11" x 11.8" 16134 $985
FC-02i Nicad battery pack   16135 $355
FC-03i Second & Third  RS232/Current loop output for FCi   16136 $261
FC-04i Comparator/Relay/Buzzer   16137 $307
FC-05i Remote scale connector   16138 $127

Specifications and prices are subject to change


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