Model 984 Bed Scale
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Model 984 Bed Scale

Model 984 Bed Scale

In many cases, determining weight and any unexpected change to it can save lives, which is why medical specialists in intensive care, in dialysis or treating burns rely on the seca bed and dialysis scales. Its reliable limit value function means, for example, that invisible losses of fluid or high turnover of fluid are noticed in good time to enable the necessary assistance to be requested immediately by an acoustic alarm. The accuracy of the seca bed and dialysis scales makes it an indispensable partner in inten-sive medicine.

The electronic bed scale allows bed-ridden patients to be weighed simply, carefully and accurately and is an indispensable constituent of dialysis and intensive  care. Integrated lifts allow four measuring platforms to be placed  simply and effortlessly under the castors of the bed. The previously determined weight of the bed is tared using the pre-TARE function and the patientís precise weight accurately determined. Whatís more: the bed scale remains alert even in the event of a power failure, storing all the previously determined values using rechargeable batteries.

*Capacity: 1100 lbs / 500 kg
*Graduations: 0.2 lb / 100 gm
*Hold function, Pre-Tare function Tare range: 660 lbs / 300 kg
*Max. patient weight: 440 lbs / 200 kg
*Power supply: A/C UL adapter
*Optional: second display
*Warranty: 1 year
*Cart included
*Display Dimensions (HxWxD): 38 1/2" x 19 3/4" x 19 3/4"
*Weight: 56 lbs
*Load cells Dimensions (HxWxD): 5 3/4" x 8 3/8" x 12 3/4"
*Weight: 13 lbs
*Carton Dimensions: 43 1/2" x 24 5/8" x 33 3/4
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Seca 984 Electronic Bed/Dialysis Scale w/ Digital Display, Integrated mechanical lifters & cart



Additional second display




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