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NCI 7620
shown with optional ball top


The high resolution postal weight classifier of choice designed specifically to weigh letters, flats, parcels and larger packages on a single scale.

The NCI Model 7620 features a multi-weight range capability to weigh small parcels, as well as, large packages all on one scale with greater accuracy.

Part Number


Platform Price
NCI 7620-70 lb 70 lb 12" x 14" $650
NCI 7620-100 lb 100 lb  12" x 14" $650
NCI 7620-100 lb
with ball top
100 lb   12" x 14"  $800
NCI 7620-150 lb 150 lb   12" x 14"  $650
NCI 7620-150 lb
with ball top
150 lb   12" x 14" $800

Features & Benefits

Accurate and reliable - Quartzell® transducers provide the highest repeatability for consistent weight measurement.

Fast Digital Response - The inherent digital signal allows the scale to weigh faster, improving throughput especially in weight ranges that are critical for flats and small parcels.

Simple to Use – Reduces operator training time.

I/O Port – Allows for connection to a computer or a smart terminal.

Compact Low Profile Base – Fits easily into any operation and provides convenient mobility.

Construction – Stainless steel weigh platter. Painted die-cast aluminum base.

ZERO: With AZT or push button to re-establish zero reference.
UNITS: Allows unit switching.

Die Cast Load Bridge – Reduces overall scale deflection.

Calibration – Alternate span points can simplify field calibration by using less than full capacity weights.

High Resolution Mode – Mail and parcels can now be weighed on a single NTEP certified scale, even sensitive international mail, with multi-range weighing.

Units Switching – Switch between decimal pounds and pounds/ounces, decimal pounds and kilograms, or pounds/ounces and kilograms.

RS-232 Cable – DB-9 pin female connector allows you to connect to a PC.

Protocols – Standard NCI, emulates Detecto and Mettler-Toledo.


Capacity Classifier Mode Scale Mode KG Mode
70 lb 0-10 lb x .05 oz 0-10 lb x .002 lb 0-5 kg x .001 kg
  10-70 lb x .2 oz 10-70 lb x .02 lb 5-30 kg x .005 kg

100 lb 0-10 lb x .1 oz 0-10 lb x .01 lb 0-5 kg x .005 kg
Default 10-100 lb x .5 oz 10-100 lb x .05 lb 5-30 kg x .02 kg

100 lb 0-10 lb x .05 oz 0-10 lb x .005 lb 0-5 kg x .002 kg
  10-100 lb x .5 oz 10-100 lb x .02 lb 5-50 kg x .01 kg

150 lb 0-10 lb x .1 oz 0-10 lb x .005 lb 0-5 kg x .005 kg
  10 -150 lb x .5 oz 10-150 lb x .02 lb 5-75 kg x .01 kg

Dimensions: 12.5” x 14.1” x 4.2” (317.5 x 358.14 x 104.1 mm)

Operating Environment: 42°F to 104°F (5°C to 40°C), 10% to 95% RH, (non-condensing)

Shipping Weight: 21 lbs/10 kg


Ball-Top Weigh Platter – Simplifies transport of all parcels. Ideal for conveyor lines.

Remote Display – 7 digit LCD housed in a molded plastic enclosure with a 7-ft. (2 m) cable.

Display Post – 12” (30.5 cm) post for remote display.

International Power Supply – 230 VAC, 50 Hz power supply. End of cable terminated with a universal connector


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