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from $1,060
(4) 1,500 lb, 3000 lb or 5000 lb pads
15" x 15" x 2.5" high (1,500lb per pad)
15" x 15" x 4.0" high (3,000 lb per pad)
15" x 15" x 4.0" high (5,000 lb per pad)

Whether you're building your first or fifth race car and you don't quite have a Winston Cup budget yet. Don't despair, introducting our NEWEST ELECTRONIC WHEEL SCALE. 1 Weigh, which is the only weigh to think when it comes to the LATEST IN EASE AND FUNCTIONS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE!

Computer control box, cables, and charger packed in a hard-shell, foam lined case for maximum protection.

Standard Features Include:
bulletNew oversize display screen
bulletFull-time display of individual four-wheel weights, total vehicle weight and percentage on one oversized, easy-to-read display
bulletTouch of one button displays either 4 wheel weights OR all percentages
bulletCarrying case for electronics and tangle free color coded cables
bulletHigh quality load cells ensure accuracy and repeatability up to 1/10 of 1%
bulletBuilt-in rechargeable batteries & charger
bullet2 Year Limited Warranty


Optional Ramps

Optional Leveler for Scale Pad

Model Description Price
1 Weigh Racecar scale (4) 1,500 lb pads 15" x 15"x 2.5" high $1,195
1 Weigh Race car scale - 3K (4) 3,000 lb pads 15" x 15" x 4" high $1,895
1 Weigh Race car scale - 5K (4) 5,000 lb pads 15" x 15" x 4" high $4,995
Optional 2.5" high ramps 1500 lb capacity $165 per pair
Optional 4" high ramps 3000 lb capacity $180 per pair
Leveler for scale pad

shown above

$264 set of four
Roll-off scale leveler

click here for a picture

$538 set of four
Cart for scales

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