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FC Explosion-Proof Bench Scale

Explosion-Protected Scales

Fast and Accurate Weighing Results in Hazardous Areas/Locations
All explosion-proof scales are designed and approved as intrinsically safe instruments. Various scale models are available for the individual Zone 1, 2 and 11 hazardous areas (Class I, Divisions 1 and 2 hazardous areas). Moreover, recognized certification authorities in the EU, USA, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and Japan have issued certificates of compliance with the safety requirements for use and servicing of Sartorius explosion-protected scales and equipment
Scales for Zone 1/Class I, Div 1
FACTORY (FC) Series- Multiple Applications
bulletIntrinsically safe
bulletWeighing range from 0.000002 lb to 26.4 lb
bulletBuilt-in, motorized calibration weight
bulletBuilt-in TEST function; this means at the touch of the unique TEST key, the scale calibrates and adjusts itself automatically using a built-in calibration weight
bulletAll models can also be supplied in versions verifiable/certifiable for use in legal metrology
bulletBacklit, high-contrast display for easy viewing in dimly lit hazardous areas/locations; continuously shows the maximum weighing capacity and resolution
bulletRugged construction
bulletTotal ease of operation thanks to the easy-to-understand operator guidance features
bulletPractical application programs
bulletInterface port is a standard feature
bulletPort for connecting a printer or a PC located in a safe area
bulletThe power supply can be set up either within or outside the hazardous area
Specifications for Explosion-Protected Zone 1 (Class I Div. 1) Scales
Max. capacity in kg Readability in g Max. capacity in lb Readability in lb Load plate size
(W x D) in inches
models with multiple applications
0.62 0.001 1.4 0.000002 5.1 FC06BBE-SX
2.2 0.01 4.8 0.00002 8.5 x 7.9 FC2CCE-SX
6.2 0.01 13.7 0.00002 8.5 x 7.9 FC6CCE-HX
6.2 0.1 13.7 0.0002 8.5 x 7.9 FC6CCE-SX
12 0.1 26.4 0.0002 8.5 x 7.9 FC12CCE-SX


Model Capacity Platform Size Price
FC06BBE-SX 600 g x 0.001 g 5.1" diameter $3,730
  1.32 lb x 0.000002 lb    
FC2CCE-SX 2.2kg x 0.01 g 8.6" x 7.9" $3,325
  4.8 lb x 0.00002 lb    
FC6CCE-HX 6.2 kg x 0.01 g 8.6" x 7.9" $3,505
  13.6 lb x 0.00002 lb    
FC6CCE-SX 6.2 kg x 0.1 g 8.6" x 7.9" $3,235
  13.6 lb x 0.0002 lb    
FC12CCE-SX 12 kg x 0.1 g 8.6" x 7.9" $3,505
  26.4 lb x 0.0002 lb    
Power Supply Safe area      $1,045
Power Supply Hazardous Area     $1,495


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