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Choice of two different weight indicators to choose from
Make your own scale at a fraction of the price

FSK scale kit A
$229 with free shipping



Large scale kit
$395 with free shipping


Photo of the weight indicator included with the kit

Hardware included in kit

(4) adjustable feet included

(4) Load Cells included



$249 Small Scale Kit pictured below

Small scale kit
perfect for 4H hogs, goats & sheep
$249 with free shipping
click here for more information on the small scale kit


Close up of load cell mounted under a platform

Free shipping in the continental U.S.

Includes the following:

*One Digital weight indicator with quick disconnect and RS232 printer/computer output, Can be used with Electricity or Rechargeable battery (included)

*Four nickel plated steel environmentally sealed load cells with 20 ft cables

*Four Alloy steel load cell feet

*Four tool steel mounting plates

*Nema 4X stainless steel junction box

*15 ft of load cell cable

Build your own floor scale for a fraction of the cost.  The weight indicator front panel keys: UNITS, TARE and ZERO.  Drawings and Technical support provided at no extra charge.  Do not weld with the load cells installed.

Click here for an overview of the installation process

The system with (4) 5000 lb load cells is our most popular package.  It will still allow you to weigh in 1 lb increments
Load Cell Capacity for large scale kit Price
(4) 250 lb load cells $645
(4) 500 LB load cells $645
(4) 1,000 LB load cells $645
(4) 2,000 LB load cells $645
(4) 5,000 LB load cells (20,000 lb total) with indicator A $229 free shipping
(4) 5,000 LB load cells (20,000 lb total) with indicator B $395 free shipping in continental US
(4) 10,000 LB load cells (40,000 lb total) $995 including shipping in continental US

in continental US

(4) 20,000 lb load cells (80,000 lb total) $1395 including shipping in continental US

Replacement cable for indicator with PRINT or SET button

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