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Setpoint Bench Scale consists of TR-1-SE weight indicator with a 12" x 12" stainless steel scale platform.  The target weight is entered via the front keypad.  When the target weight is reached the indicator will perform a contact closure and energize the external relay or sound an audible alarm or whatever other option is chosen.


Model TR-1-SE is an industrial digital scale indicator. Standard features include, 0-9 keypad, push button zero, push button tare, lb/kg conversion, printer output, remote display / computer output, all digital calibration and setup. Models available in 120vac, 220vac, or 12 volt dc. Options available for Time & Date, Peak Hold, Totaling, Over and Under checkweighing. 


The 12" x 12" stainless steel scale base has a stainless steel cover and a stainless steel substructure.  Equipped with (4) overload stops and (1) upload stops to prevent accidental damage from overload or underload.


Part Number

Stock #

TR1-SE/1212-10   10 lb x 0.002 10100 $620
TR1-SE/1212-25   25 lb x 0.005 10101 $620
TR1-SE/1212-50   50 lb x 0.01 10102 $620
TR1-SE/1212-100  100 lb x 0.02 10103 $620
TR1-SE/1212-150  150 lb x 0.05 10104 $645
TR1-SE/1212-200  200 lb x 0.05 10105 $645
Other sizes available


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