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Chatillon Model TD-5

 A rugged portable dynamometer for measuring tension, traction and weight in capacities from 500 to 20,000 pounds.  Easy to read 5" dials with 100 graduations providing maximum readability.  Accurate, safe, portable and ruggedly dependable.

Accuracy to within 1/2 of 1% of capacity with calibration certifiable and traceable to NBS.  Includes a maximum reading indicator to retain the maximum applied load with manual return to zero.  Integral zero adjustment to accommodate tare loads of up to 20% of capacity without affecting accuracy.  The TD-5 is capable of sustaining an overload of 25% of full capacity without shift in calibration.  Safety factor is a minimum of 4 times rated load using standard shackles and hooks.  Light weight design for ease of movement between work stations.  Zero position is directly below the top schackle.  Furnished with a heavy gauge steel carrying case

Model Capacity Price
TD5-500 500 lb x 5 lb $650
TD5-1000 1,000 lb x 10 lb $650
TD5-2000 2,000 lb x 20 lb $650
TD5-5000 5,000 lb x 50 lb $670
TD5-10,000 10,000 lb x 100 lb $745
TD5-20000 20,000 lb x 200 lb $830




WT12-500 500 lb x 2 lb $740
WT12-1000 1,000 lb x 5 lb $740
WT12-5000 5,000 lb x 20 lb $895
WT12-10000 10,000 lb x 50 lb $995
WT12-20000 20,000 lb x 100 lb $1055
Faceguard   $75
* Also available in Kg version
* Price subject to change without notice


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