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All test weights come with a "Statement of Accuracy"
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Cast Iron Class F 

5 lb - 5,000 lb

5 kg - 1000kg



Class F test weights

Class F Stainless Steel

Individual Weights




Class F Stainless Steel Weight Kits



S/S Electrical Weights

Class 1 & 4 Stainless Steel

Individual Weights



Class 1, 2, & 4 Stainless Steel Weight Kits


Test Weight Carts



Test Weight Classifications


bulletANSI/ASTM Class 1: Provides the greatest precision. Can be used as reference standard in calibrating other weights and appropriate for calibrating high-precision analytical balances (from 0.01mg to 0.1mg).
bulletANSI/ASTM Class 2: Appropriate for calibrating high-precision toploading balances with readabilities ranging from 0.001g to 0.01g.
bulletANSI/ASTM Class 3: Appropriate for calibrating balances with moderate precision, ranging from 0.01g to 0.1g.
bulletANSI/ASTM Class 4: Appropriate for semi-analytical weighing.
bulletANSI/ASTM Class F: Used for Floor Scales, Bench Scales and other higher capacity scales.


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