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TR-1-SE Setpoint indicator

Model TR-1-SE industrial digital scale indicator will attach and power all strain gauge loadcells and allow the signal to be calibrated to a digital reading of the precise weight. Standard features include, 0-9 keypad, push button zero, push button tare, lb/kg conversion, printer output, remote display / computer output, all digital calibration and setup. Models available in 120vac, 220vac, or 12 volt dc. Options available for Time & Date, Peak Hold, Totaling, Over and Under checkweighing. Other models available.

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Part Number

Stock #

TR-1-SE with one setpoint 9899 $595
TR-1-SE with internal buzzer and Setpoint 9900 $650
TR-1-SE with internal buzzer No output 9901 $595


UMC600 Weight indicator

Auto/Manual Batching modes.  80,00 Display graduations available.  RFI/EMI Shielded.  Easy digital configuration and calibration.  (2) Serial Ports. Port 1 full duplex RS232, 20mA CL or optional RS485/422 Port RS232 simplex.  (2) Setpoints with preact & dribble feed.  The UMC600 has a program which will record the incoming and outgoing weights of a truck and provide a printed record containing "Gross-Tare-Net" weights.  300 transactions can be stored each with up to a six (6) digit ID number. The indicator can be used in any of three truck modes: 1. Full truck in.  2.Empty truck in.  3. Fixed tare mode.  10-digit Accumulator.  Programmable serial output.  Time and Date.  Front panel key lockout.  S.WA 4131 Rev 2 NTEP 88-070 III/IIIL 10,000 div.   

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Part Number

Stock #

UMC600-AAAC 115VAC, LED Display


UMC600-ACAC 115VAC, battery, LED display 1218 $899
UMC600-ACBC 117VAC & Int battery, LCD display 1424 $763
UMC600-AFAC 115 VAC, LED, 0-10V, 4-20ma analog output 1798 $879
UMC600-ABAC 220VAC, LED Display 11786 $763
KBY7116-BCD Output 11259 $491
KBT7116-5 Panel mounting kit 1594 $40
KBT7116-11 Solid State Relay option board AC only 20VAC to 120VAC, 5ma to 1 amp 11595 $209
KBT7116-12 Dry Contact Relay option board DC only 100VDC max, 0.5 amps max. 10 VA max 11475 $209
KBT7116-16 Four solid state relays, internal 20VAC to 120 VAC, 5ma to 1 amp 12437 $246
KBT7116-17 Analog output 0-10VDC or 4-20ma (requires KBT7116-16) 13997 $218



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