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Standard WS drum scale


WS with Scale cart 


WS with Scale cart & Stainless steel cover

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bulletHigh precision full bridge load cell, protected against humidity, shock and overload
bulletPlatform is rugged construction with heavy gauge sheet metal
bulletRemote indicator display and keypad mounted in a separate aluminum box connected to the platform by a 6 foot cable.
bulletLarge display (0.6" height) with red LED 4 digits
bulletLights for Lb, Kg, Tare and "Negative Weight"
bulletKeys for ON, OFF, Lb/Kg, and TARE. 
bulletAutomatic zero tracking
bulletFull range separate LED Tare indicator
bulletPlatform dimensions (inches) 15"(L) x 15"(W) x 2.6"(H)
bulletRemote indicator dimensions (inches) 10.5(L) x 3.5(W) x 1.6(H)
bulletPowered by AC adapter (included) or (6) "C" rechargeable nickel cadmium batteries (charger included)
bulletLow power indicator



WS200L - 200 lb x 0.2 lb  &  90 kg x 0.1 kg $249
WS500L - 500 lb x 0.5 lb  &  200 kg x 0.2 kg $249

WS1000L - 1,000 lb x 1 lb & 450 kg x 0.5 kg

WS2000L - 2,000 lb x 2 lb & 900 kg x 1 kg $399
Scale cart with wheels $250
Stainless Steel cover $99


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